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ATP’s Area of expertise at a glance
Of-The-Shelf Services
Here is a list of all we have done or can do for our customers.
Customized Services
If what you are looking for is not in this list, please call us to request a special quotation. We will be glad to either provide you with a quotation or refer you to an expert in this specific area. In both cases you win - we take care of your needs.
At a Glance

Infrastructure Assessment
Every engagement starts with this planning stage for a major operational system or platform integration/migration effort.

·        This comprehensive review of your current environment will provide an in-depth evaluation of business requirements, plans, architectures, and designs of operational systems and platforms.

·        This early-stage service allows you to identify and mitigate risks and realize benefits of the new technology quickly.

·        The in-depth deliverables outline risk areas, areas needing improvement and general best practices to create a plan for a successful implementation


Proof of Concept
The implementation of a technology to prove the viability of a given solution in a specific client environment.


Infrastructure Design and Planning
These services will help you create plans for business solutions and technical architecture as well as design infrastructure and mission-critical platforms. Based on a proven approach, this service includes assessment and review of documents that are developed in-house and by a third party vendors. The deliverable of this engagement is a detailed design document to serve as the blueprint for the new infrastructure. This document encompasses every critical component of the new infrastructure including those areas most often overlooked such as change control, incorporation into a current disaster recovery plan, systems management and systems maintenance after the implementation has gone live.


Pilot Project
Once you have finished the planning and design stage of a solution, Pilot Services will deliver a prototype or pilot for a particular project. This service will empower you to mitigate technical risks and/or accelerate the formation of a project team prior to the development or deployment of your IT solution. The Infrastructure Design is validated and optimized through the use of this pilot. This may include a set of live users in which a usability survey would be conducted to ensure a high level of satisfaction.


Building out the new environment may require project management and additional resources to complete. This is especially true if there is a tight deadline or large deployment encompassing a diverse geography. ATP can provide for services in all of the aspects.


Network Design
The network that will sustain you tomorrow begins with the design that's developed today. In your custom design, we'll ensure that you have the capacity, performance, security and manageability you need, both today and tomorrow.


Network Security
A single bug or security breach can bring your company to its knees, so the need for reliable security can't be overstated. Using the latest security tools, ATP can assess your level of vulnerability and develop a customized solution to protect vital data.

Network Upgrade
If you're ready to expand or enhance your current network, ATP can help. We'll evaluate your requirements and work with you to add workstations, increase storage capacity or upgrade hardware or software.

Network Relocation
A properly planned and executed relocation can protect your technology investment, minimize downtime and avoid data loss. ATP has the experience and specialized knowledge necessary to move your network safely and efficiently.

System Monitoring
Your network is in, now what? ATP can show you how to monitor the capacity, performance and security of your entire system; to identify potential problems and prevent them – before it's too late.

Hardware and Software Installation
To get the full benefit from your investment, new products must be properly installed and fully compatible with your existing equipment. Otherwise, you'll waste time and money, and reap frustration and resentment from your staff. Get the job done right with ATP.

User and System Support
Getting used to a new network can take some time. Both for users and administrators. We can provide the necessary support and assistance to make sure everyone gets the most out of your technology investments.

User and System Documentation
When employees understand how to use new products, they're more comfortable and more productive. Accurate user documentation is essential in any new installation. Accurate system documentation is also vital for managing, updating and troubleshooting. When it's clear and up to date, you'll save time and money if problems arise.

Requirements Definition
You can't solve a problem until it's been clearly defined. No matter what new technology you want to implement, ATP can define and document all project requirements and identify the most practical, cost-effective solution.

Product Evaluation and Recommendation
It's impossible and impractical for someone in your company to review and evaluate every new product that comes out. ATP is focused on technology, so based on your specific need or requirement, we can recommend solutions that offer the best fit for years to come.

IT Strategy Development
Having an IT strategy in place can help you plan for the future, and avoid costly quick-fixes and systems cobbled together with the "technology du jour." ATP can help you identify growth factors and develop an IT plan accordingly – one that won't paint you into a corner.

Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing
Fire. Flood. Earthquake. Power outage. Are your company's vital information and records protected against unexpected disaster? Do you have a well-documented, well-tested plan? What about backup power? If not, call ATP today. We'll work with you to develop a reliable, cost-effective response to any unforeseen emergency.

IT Policies and Procedures
New technology often raises new operational and procedural questions. How often are backups needed? Who should have Internet access? When is the best time to change passwords? Using industry best practices developed from years of experience, ATP can assist you in creating a complete set of IT policies and procedures, and all associated forms.

Project Management
Even a small business occasionally hires outside contractors to install electrical circuits, network cabling, or DSL and phone service. Without someone to manage them, however, such projects can disrupt normal operations and distract your staff. Expansion needs or other requirements might also be overlooked. ATP has experienced technical Project Managers who can work directly with contractors to minimize operational disruptions and cover all your needs – current and future.

Optimization Assessment
Technology environments constantly change in response to an ever changing business environment. Over time the best architected environments no longer perform at optimal levels. An Optimization Assessment assesses initial requirements, current and future requirements, and then recommends infrastructure changes that will result in maximum performance.

Technology Roadmap
A deliverable that matches existing and future business requirements in relation to a specific technology platform.


Total Cost of Ownership Optimization
A study whereby the customer’s environment is reviewed with an understanding of both their business and technology requirements to determine the lowest cost, highest value technology path.

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ATP's  technical and consulting staff helps you get the most from your IT investments by delivering an extensive range of installation, monitoring and support services. By offloading the day-to-day tasks-including time-consuming “firefighting”-you're free to address higher-impact initiatives.
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