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@Fax - An easy flexible way to send, receive, and manage faxes. Just like e-mail.
If e-mail is becoming a standard for your organization then why not make faxing as easy and flexible as well? Our @Fax enterprise-class system for sending and receiving facsimiles will increase productivity and save you money. Whether you have 2 fax lines or 200 our solution will give you just what you need. It is a scalable platform for low and high-volume mission-critical deployments.

Key Features and Benefits

Flexible and Easy Enterprise Facsimile Delivery

  • Network-wide desktop faxing - Send and receive documents directly from desktop applications via Local printer driver, fax client, e-mail client, or Web browser
  • Platform independent - Installs and works seamlessly on any platform - Windows, UNIX, Mac, Linux.
  • Intelligent Least Cost Routing - Route outbound faxes between servers on a wide-area network (WAN) to minimize long distance and other telephone charges
  • Email integration - Send, receive and manage faxes directly from email client
  • Email notification - Sender receives e-mail notification for successful, delayed, or failed transmission
  • Broadcast fax - Broadcast documents to hundreds or thousands of recipients at once
  • Immediate or scheduled delivery - Enhance service levels with instantaneous document delivery or reduce costs by scheduling delivery to take advantage of off-peak telephone rates
  • Anytime, anywhere access - Increase productivity of mobile workers by providing remote fax access via e-mail or the Web
  • Inbound routing - Route inbound fax documents efficiently and securely to recipients via many supported inbound routing methods
  • Create and send documents from native applications - Provide quality communications that preserve formatting of the original documents including page layout, font information and embedded graphics
  • Phonebooks - Store frequently used fax numbers and groups in a single location for easy retrieval

What Do I Get with @Fax?

@Fax is a Linux based server which replaces your multiple fax machines. It is easy to configure and administer via web interface. It comes in two versions - @Fax-4 and @Fax+.
Each system comes with free installation, initial configuration, 12 months hardware warranty and unlimited on-site and phone support. Call us and see how affordable this can be.


Entry-level System

@Fax-4 can connect to up to 4 fax lines. This is an entry-level system it comes standard with two fax lines and can be expanded when needed.

Enterprise System

@Fax+ starts with 5 fax lines and can be expanded up to 48 lines as needed. This is a dual CPU, RAID 1 and 5 capable system with automated backup designed for high-volume mission-critical deployments. It is custom designed and built to allow easy cost effective expansion. It supports T1/PRI solutions which provide both digital and analog connectivity for ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) and channelized T1 line.
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