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Internet and Web Hosting Services
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We are working to maximize the potential of the Internet for our clients, from leveraging telecommunication systems and Web-enabling your valuable investment in legacy systems to creating advanced new ways of doing business through technology. ATP puts business solutions on the web. Whether you define e-commerce as actually transactions of goods for cash or any related interactive business online activity ATP can help you make it happen. From developing a web strategy, to enhancing your existing site, ATP has the depth of expertise necessary to provide effective web services, including:
  • Internet strategic planning
  • Web architecture, design/implementation
  • Web site development
  • Web site promotion
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Web hosting and support
  • Web-based application, development/design
  • Internet-based telecommunications, planning /implementation
  • Security, including testing, surveying, policy, monitoring

ATP helps clients develop an integrated web strategy for growing and maintaining business in the Internet economy. A web strategy that supports marketing, sales, business processing, recruitment, business partnerships and business development is no longer optional. Give us a call for help with tactical or strategic Internet issues.

Internet Connectivity
ATP provides a comprehensive, IP network solution that enables your business to benefit from a full range of Internet access services. From bandwidth needs to network speed levels, to the benefits you receive from our specialty services, we assist you by providing a comprehensive and affordable package that reflects your business goals, and grows as your business grows. Today's workforce is on the move. More secure, reliable access to your corporate Local Area Network (LAN) is critical to keeping mobile and remote personnel connected. Let ATP's solutions keep your business communicating.

ATP delivers high-speed solutions for businesses that need high-performance full-time dedicated Internet access. Dedicated services provide connectivity to a rock solid infrastructure, 24x7 monitoring and notification and the peace of mind that comes with Guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Installation Engineers fully support and monitor your Internet access with the power, quality, and reliability that you expect from ATP. Timely installation and consistent, reliable customer bandwidth ensure your satisfaction.

If your company already has an Internet service provider ATP can assume responsibility and integrate the Internet access to the scope of services provided to your company and release you from the burden of dealing with too many vendors.
Web Hosting
ATP maintains web sites for a number of customers. Maintenance of web sites can be at different levels starting from web-site administrative maintenance, adding of additional functionality to existing site (enhancements), maintaining source code (hot-fix as well as pre-defined site releases), website support in terms of defect fixing for reported bugs/problems.

From conceptual design through promoting your site on the World Wide Web, ATP offers all the resources you need to create a cost-effective, visually exciting, and successful World Wide Web Site. We provide initial consultation to determine the goals you'd like to reach through the site, including the image you want to portray to your visitors. We will work with you to coordinate your site design with existing marketing material or design an entirely new image. If you plan to sell items on-line, we provide shopping cart solutions and if you will be taking credit card numbers on-line, we will set up your order form on a secure server to protect the privacy of your visitors.

ATP will set up or transfer your domain name, providing you with a connection to the Internet and email addresses@yourdomain.com. We have also set up a very powerful, yet user-friendly statistical analysis program — the results for your site will be emailed to you daily, weekly, or monthly. We also offer web-based e-mail and collaboration solutions as well as web based trouble reporting and status monitoring.
Wireless and Remote Connectivity

Executives running from meeting to meeting. Employees in the field. Salespeople on the road. All demanding access to your company information. Sound familiar? If your goal is to cost-effectively implement wireless technology, then affordable information sharing across remote and wireless access channels is a major challenge. How do you meet the escalating needs of an e-business market that's no longer wired to LANs — and where a wired office is becoming an anachronism?

Simple. ATP delivers the connections you need to keep important information flowing — smoothly, efficiently and securely. We can set up a wireless LAN to serve your business or home, set up a handheld system that is integrated into your back office systems to provide real time information at your fingertips, provide dial-up access to your systems for remote users, and create a safe IP network that your trading partners, suppliers, customers and employees can all share.

ATP offers wireless solutions from simple messaging to completely converged and integrated voice/data/email communications and relational database backend integration. ATP’s technology and custom integration enable our customers to increase productivity, maximize control, keep organized, and stay connected.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
If you need to access files on the LAN when you are outside of the company, VPN can be an excellent solution. Existing servers or dedicated VPN machines are used to give remote and home users tightly controlled secure access to network files. ATP experienced staff can plan and implement this type of solution for your company.

  • If you need remote access to you office data and information the safe approach is to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

  • ATP can set up the appropriate VPN to meet your needs.

  • ATP can provide an audit of your security status. We can meet your security needs both for critical internal security and external security risks.


ATP can provide direction on implementing Wide Area Network connectivity. We can help with the selection process between leased lines, Frame Relay, or VPN Internet connection of remote facilities. Our expertise will help you choose the right solution for the right price.

Firewall Solutions
Security from external threats starts with a properly configured Firewall. ATP can help you select the appropriate Firewall to meet your needs and budget, plus we will make sure that it is properly configured to do its job. There is a wide range of Firewalls including software solutions and hardware devices. ATP will make the right choice for your needs and get a solution in place.

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ATP's  technical and consulting staff helps you get the most from your IT investments by delivering an extensive range of installation, monitoring and support services. By offloading the day-to-day tasks-including time-consuming “firefighting”-you're free to address higher-impact initiatives.
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