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Project Management Services
As more and more businesses rely on network availability and reliability, the network becomes extremely vital. With the increase in network usage and expanding businesses the ability to quickly design and deploy a new networking infrastructure or enhance an existing one can mean the difference between success and failure. This is a complicated task that requires extensive planning, deployment, and management skills. ATP will help you save during all of these phases by keeping close control and adherence to the goals that have been established at the start of the project.

ATP's Project Management Services help address the challenges of implementing end-to-end enterprise technology solutions. Our expertise in project management enables us to provide assessment and strategy consulting that addresses the organization's specific networking needs. So whether the organization's network is across one city or across the country, whether it is single or multi-vendor, ATPís project management services provide a comprehensive plan to successfully implement or expand the network and fulfill demanding technology needs.

Before, during, and after the duration of the project cycle we will deliver:
  • Project Summary
  • Project Plan
  • Solution Document
  • Plan Document
  • Training Needs
  • Documentation
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