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Server Support
Server Selection and Installs
How many clients does a server successfully serve and with what speed? What communication technology should be used? What is the growth prospective? These are important questions that our experienced staff can answer. What other hardware is required such as tape backups, UPS systems, virus protection, etc.? From enterprise rack mounted servers, to converted workstations we can ease your server selection woes and provide a server that meets your performance needs and budgetary restrictions.

Server Maintenance and Support
We specialize in maintaining your file servers, mail servers, application, and web servers and provide server upgrades and routine maintenance with little to no downtime. We can also provide support when you are configuring servers for specialized services such as VPN, Web server, Mail server or RAS. We also perform the following:
  • Procurement and proper application of service packs
  • Monitoring services and to pinpoint performance problems
  • Increase bandwidth and network speed
  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Application of security patches and verification that they were implemented successfully
  • Network migrations

Backup Policies
Good backup policy is vital for insuring your data and can prevent major disruptions in business flow, time to recreate data and the loss of irreplaceable data. Whether you suffer from an accidental deletion, corruption of data, or have someone who is over eager to "clean up" network directories, you know what it is like to lose files. ATP will plan the hardware required and the backup process, write a backup policy, jump-start the implementation process and periodically audit and test backups. Backups and virus protection are insurance policies that no business should do without. A reliable backup and solid virus protection are system basics that are often found to be lacking when we audit prospective clients systems. Do you know for sure that your backup is working? It is one thing to have a backup tape, but you can’t run a business from a tape. How do you get from here to there? Can you restore your data in the event of a problem? Is your virus protection up to date – that is up to date with today’s latest virus definition files? Automatic, online updates are easy to setup and very cost effective. Careful advanced planning can greatly mitigate the harm. ATP can provide these services and give you IT peace of mind.

System Security
We provide various security measures including but not limited to: Proxy, Routers with private network schemes, Firewalls and encryption/decryption applications. We can safeguard your systems from attack, making it secure both outside and within. The following are some of the services we can provide to better secure your network:

  • Installation and configuration of proxy can be used to control access to the Internet or even as a firewall in low load situations
  • Configuration of routers to be used with a network of private systems and proper port configuration
  • Setup encryption/decryption schemes to provide maximum security
  • Setup and maintain user and group level access to ensure that sensitive information is not made available to anyone with access to the network
  • We can setup Virtual Private Networks for those who need secure remote access
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